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Monday, August 16, 2010

Long time in coming.....

Ok, this next post has been a long time in coming.  So much has been going on. I found a new place for a work shop. Finally a place to set up and continue....  It's small, but I can manage it and have fun.

I attempted to finish the casting project you see in posts below. I ran into one minor glitch... Well major glitch actually :-) The mold began to deteriorate when the temp of the kiln hit 1250 degrees F. So that led me to search out new mold making options. I actually found a place on the web that sells the appropriate mix for making casting molds. They also sell the crucibles that you place the crushed glass in and special kilns for firing the crucibles.... Something to look into definitely :-)

Up and coming projects are glass pendents, mosaic halloween pumpkins and Christmas stuff :-) So hopefully there will be some interesting posts coming and very soon :-)

Been a busy summer... Just not in glass ;-)

Talk soon....

Phil at Michigama

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